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Misty Realms

Written By Lady Jude

Misty Realms

It seemed like forever I’d search

I knew we needed to find a higher love

But everywhere I turned misty fog surrounded

Blinded I searched desperately for a clearing

I’d prayed for the faith I’d need

To walk away from my surrounding world

Still a battle lay ahead to find my true calling

If I believed it I knew I could achieve it

With hope, faith and love being our armour

Out of the darkness I walked

Into the realms of light I would walk

To a place where nothing would break us

A place where love surrounded all around

To a place where I could feel I belonged

I’ve found the faith to see it through

We’ve said our goodbye’s to uncertainy

We’ve built this Kingdom for me and you

Our own private realm built with hope

We’d finally found our higher love

Because we both believed in mutual trust


Copyright Lady Jude 2010

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I enjoy doing my paintings and love taking part in exhibits, this exhibit of art was held by the Attic Artists. We’re a group of artists that meet once a week  there’s the photographers meet Wednesday nights, Painters meet Tuesdays 9am to 2pm and the Potters meet Mondays etc at the Woolshed in Porirua . This is just a small glimpse into my creative world.


Forever my love

Written By Lady Jude

Forever my love

You’ve two warm arms to hold me

Whenever my world became chilly

You’re the one I could always depend upon

Whenever I needed to remain strong

I’ll never get enough of your love

Every time we kissed I’d get shivers down my spine

You’ve taken my breath away time after time

I’d like to stay in these moments forever

Love’s finally found my door

You’re showing me how to love

I’d be so lost without you

You’re the only one I crave for

We’ve developed a little world of our own

With you being the star of my universe

I’ll always believe in your heart

Because I’ve seen the truth in your eyes

It’s in the way you’ve become irresistible to me

That’s made our love so magical

Because I’ll always want you near

I’m willing to spend forever loving you

Copyright Lady Jude 2010

Poetry / My greatest love

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Written By Lady Jude

My greatest love

Whenever you hold me close

These feelings I’ve inside me well up

Loving you it’s become an amazing feeling

I’m a lady who’s found the greatest love

I’m cherishing walking the dream

To me you’ve simply become my world

I’ve given to you all my love

You’re the best thing ever

In my eyes you’ll always be my hero

You’ve given me the strength to find the light

The only truth I’ve ever known is you and I

I’ve finally found the one to give my love to

When I’m giving you all the love I’ve inside

It’s simply the best feeling ever

You’ve always believed in me

Just the warmth of your smile tells me so

For as long as long as you love me

I’ll be forever lost in your arms

I’ll always be your lady to love

Because I’m never letting you go

Copyright Lady Jude 2010