A Journal of Poetry / Windows Live Survivor

Through the times

Throughout the years

Written by Lady Jude

Throughout the years

Throughout our years together
I’ve only had eyes for you
When I fell madly in love with you
You’d lit the fire within my soul

I’d waited for love for so long
When I finally found you
You’d made my life feel complete
I knew you were the only one I wanted

My love’s far deeper than any ocean
And much higher than any mountain
My love will always remain endless
I know my love for you will never end

I’ll always want you here by me
There’s never been a love like ours
Throughout our life we’ve merged as one
Together we’re united in love

Through the years I’ve been loved by you
My darling I’ll love you back forever more
Your love’s the only love I’ll ever need
Beside you is where I’ll always remain

Copyright Lady Jude 2011

Poetry / My greatest love

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Written By Lady Jude

My greatest love

Whenever you hold me close

These feelings I’ve inside me well up

Loving you it’s become an amazing feeling

I’m a lady who’s found the greatest love

I’m cherishing walking the dream

To me you’ve simply become my world

I’ve given to you all my love

You’re the best thing ever

In my eyes you’ll always be my hero

You’ve given me the strength to find the light

The only truth I’ve ever known is you and I

I’ve finally found the one to give my love to

When I’m giving you all the love I’ve inside

It’s simply the best feeling ever

You’ve always believed in me

Just the warmth of your smile tells me so

For as long as long as you love me

I’ll be forever lost in your arms

I’ll always be your lady to love

Because I’m never letting you go

Copyright Lady Jude 2010


Holding onto you forever

Written by Lady Jude

Holding onto you forever

In restless dreams I once walked alone

With dark shadows surrounding my dreams

Alone I’d walked on a road to nowhere

Unable to find the direction I needed

I won’t be travelling that lonely road forever

When I needed you I found you

With love being the key to happiness

I believe I’ve finally found the one

You’re showing me how to be happy

And it’s everything I dreamed it could be

You’ve become the sunlight in my universe

I’ve found happiness in walking my journey with you

When you came along and captured my heart

You became the star of my every dream

Also you’ve become the star of my every daydream

I’m still believing in every dream of you and I

You’ve ignited the flame in my heart

You’ve kept me warm both night and day

You’ve filled my heart with happiness

So I’ll be holding onto you forever

Copyright Lady Jude 2010

The key to my heart

Written by Lady Jude


The key to my heart

You’re teaching me the art of loving you
And it’s the best feeling I’ve ever known
It’s taken me time to understand you
I’m still learning how to love

I’d once held my heart back from you
Looking back I would’ve given more
But it took time to know you well
And time for me to fight my insecurities

I’ve beaten the odds we’re still together
You’ve brought meaning to my world
It had taken me time to trust you
Now I know your heart so well

I’ve travelled many highways alone
On my personal journey to find love
With my goals no longer unreachable
You’ve found the key to my heart

Copyright Lady Jude 2010






Let me be the one


Written by Lady Jude

Let me be the one

Beautiful memories linger in my mind
Memories that bring a teardrop to my heart
I’ve cried oceans of happiness
I’m still swimming in sunshine

You were as beautiful as a summers day
That day you took me by the hand
I’d thought I was in heaven
I’m sure I’d heard Angels singing

I’ve never felt a love like that before
Everyday I’ve loved you a little more
You now mean everything to me
And I’m still hopelessly yours

I must have been blessed from above
Because you’ve become my Godsend
Whenever you’re near my spirit soars
Let me be the one who’ll be with you for eternity

Copyright 2009 Lady Jude