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Archive for August 2, 2017




Looking out through misty windows
Brings back memories of yesteryear
I’m thinking of memories I’d once hid
I’m remembering Grandma and where she once stood

I’m the heir to Grandma’s hope chest
It’s not just a piece of furniture to me
It’s a lifetime of her most treasured items
Now handed down to share

Touching items from her jewellery box
Handed down and now mine
Looking at the gems she once held dear
I’ll wear the jewels once belonging her

I’ll treasure everything she left
Grandma I’ll always love you
I’ll remember all the special times
You’ll never ever be forgotten



You’re a real gentleman
As sprightly as you’d get
You’re as deaf as a post
Never hearing the spinning wheels outside

You’ve been the driving force to succeed
I still ride every ride to win
I’ve kept my eye on the goal
You’ve supported my every trip

You’d take the wheel when needed
You’d steer me in the right direction
You’d drive along the road with me
Helping me to map out my direction

Grandpop you’ve done it all with a cheeky smile
That grinned from ear to ear
You’d always had me laughing until I was rolling on the floor
Thanks for making my journey feel complete