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My book is available for purchase…

My finally completed book is now available for purchase.. This book contains five years of my poems, most where written and blogged at Windows Live before it closed down…

You believed in the sun

Written by Lady Jude

You believed in the sun

You’ve always believed in the sun
Whenever I felt lost in my stormy weather
My soul blinded by dark shadows
Your love always brought me warmth

Your heart believed in true love
My heart had only known sadness
You caught me whenever I began to fall
You’ve helped me to stand tall once more

You taught me to see the sunlight again
With wisdom only a wise man would know
You’ve led me away from the storm
Until I found the light within

With your love my days became less cold
My heart began to melt into yours
You brought the light back into my darkest hours
I’m blessed to have you here by my side

Copyright Lady Jude 2010

My undying love

Written by Lady Jude

My Undying Love

I do love thee in so many ways
If you were able to see inside my heart
You’d find an undying love
You’ve touched every corner of my heart
No matter what we’ll ever endure
I know my love for you will never die
My love just grows stronger everyday
Whenever I’ve needed a friend along the way
You’ve been by my side every step of the way
Whenever I’ve needed to be held
You’re only  a heartbeat away
True love shines from your heart
And love will always light the way

Copyright Lady Jude 2012

My Lover

Written by Lady Jude

My Lover

Through the bounds of time and space
We awake in each others arms
Lovers cuddled together in embrace
Our nights lost in magical moments 

Our  flame glows brightly
From just loving one another
I felt blessed to be loved by you
I’ve seen the very best of you

Across the sky as daylight breaks
You’ve been a true friend
I’d been loved by you
You’re the best lover ever

I’ll always cherish these moments
I was in seventh heaven with you

My flame burns steadily
 I’ll never want to stop loving you

Copyright Lady Jude

I’d like to thank everyone who popped in over the Christmas period and left some Christmas cheer..

Sorry I haven’t been here much but it’s the way life my currently is, not much time to be in creative thought…

I hope you enjoy this older poem, It needed a few touch ups….

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